Mistical and Magical Natural Diamonds


MAKIKO WAKITA is proud to partner with OCEAN DIAMONDS, a new category of natural diamonds sourced from the ocean off the West Coast of South Africa.

These exuisite diamonds are discovered by professional divers so you can carry the ocean with you, wherever you are.

Discovered in the ocean, evoking personal memories of the sea for the wearer.

Responsibly sourced by divers who leave minimal trace on the environment. Diamonds that have experienced an incredible journey from land to river to sea over biliions of year. Certified provenance from the ocean, with a location map.

Diamond divers

venture out when the weather is calm, occuring a couple of times a month.

Using a small boat, those local divers set out during the day, they anchor less that a kilometer from the shore, and dive in wa water depth between 0-12 meters. They stay out a similar length of time as an inshore fisherman would and return home at the end of the day. The equipment on a boats is made by people of the local communities. Some teams don't use a boat at all and the divers swim into the water straight off the shore.