Our Story


Founded by Makiko in 2017, MAKIKO WAKITA has been seeking to bring both timeless & time-ful designs.

MAKIKO WAKITA offers series of fine jewelry, ceremonial, engagement & wedding rings. Simple yet unique, delicate yet bold.

With Makiko's career background in filmmaking at major movie studios, MAKIKO WAKITA pieces are heavily inspired from art, museum, film-cinema scenes; they are made to attract polished, sophisticated & design-conscious individuals. Your piece will likely be complimented at any event you go.

Jewelry allows you to travel through time. Every time you or your loved one looks at it, it will bring the feeling you never want to forget. Jump back to the precious moment you have experienced in the past, which you can tap into over-and-over.

Time travel made possible with your jewelry.

Every piece is proudly created with the upmost care from start to finish, guaranteeing high-quality results. Each step of the production is handled by the industry veterans with years of experiences at the high-end designer houses.

Based in Southern California, MAKIKO WAKITA work with local and international clients to create their very own forever piece. As a small business, creating a one-of-a-kind & attentive experience is one of the core values at MAKIKO WAKITA.

MAKIKO WAKITA pieces are designed and crafted all in Los Angeles. Traceability and responsibility are integral to the brand; every piece is created with the ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds and precious metals. MAKIKO WAKITA is proud to partner with reputable stone and metal suppliers, allowing full control and transparency of the supply chain.

Our engagement ring stones are H/G/F+ color with VVS+ clarity ranging from 0.5 carat and above for custom pieces. Each stone is hand-selected by the in-house GIA gemologist. Book to consult with us on how we can find the best stone for you.