MOTTO: I AM WHO I AM (Necklace)
MOTTO: I AM WHO I AM (Necklace)

MOTTO: I AM WHO I AM (Necklace)

MOTTO series are handcrafted from the cast of an antique 1800s desk wax seal intaglio, each piece contains impressions and mottos with French, Italian or Latin sentiments.
Dual image (Double sided) Necklace.

The image is of a leaning pine tree with Italian phrase “Nessun Tempo Lo Cangia” ('no amount of time will change it.’)

This leaning bent pine tree grows with its bend. No amount of time can change our natural ‘bends’ in its personality. Be proud of your uniqueness. You are one of a kind. 

The opposite side is MOTTO: IMPORTANT MESSAGE!

14K yellow gold
Satin Finish - The piece will give you shiny polish over time with your natural oil.

13 mm x 11 mm
Necklace Chain Length: 18 inches

Please note: All our pieces are made to order and requires 2-4 weeks for production.

Made in Los Angeles, California.