Wedding Anniversary milestone's theme are quite special. 
Each year, something to consider and look forward to!

Here's the full list!
1st Anniversary: PAPER
2nd  Anniversary: COTTON
3rd  Anniversary: LEATHER
4th  Anniversary: FRUTE OR FLOWERS
5th  Anniversary: WOOD
6th  Anniversary: CANDY OR IRON
7th  Anniversary: WOOL OR COPPER
8th  Anniversary: POTTERY OR BRONZE
9th  Anniversary: WILLOW OR POTTERY
10th  Anniversary: TIN OR ALUMINUM
11th  Anniversary: STEEL
12th  Anniversary: SILK OR LINEN
13th  Anniversary: LACE

14th Anniversary: GOLD JEWELRY

15th Anniversary: Crystal

16th  Anniversary: COFFEE or TEA
17th  Anniversary: Wine or Spirits
18th  Anniversary: APPLIANCES


Anniversary: JADE

20th  Anniversary: CHINA
21st  Anniversary: FIRE (theme)
22nd  Anniversary: WATER (theme)
23rd  Anniversary: AIR (theme)
24th  Anniversary: STONE (theme)


Anniversary: SILVER

26th  Anniversary: ART
27th  Anniversary: MUSIC
28th  Anniversary: LINENS
29th  Anniversary: TOOLS


Anniversary: PEARLS

31st  Anniversary: TRAVEL
32nd  Anniversary: BRONZE
33rd  Anniversary: IRON
34th  Anniversary: FOOD
35th  Anniversary: CORAL
36th  Anniversary: ANTIQUES
37th  Anniversary: BOOKS
38th  Anniversary: LUCK (theme)
39th  Anniversary: LAUGHTER (theme)
40th  Anniversary: RUBY
41st  Anniversary: OFFICE OR DESK DECOR
42nd  Anniversary: CLOCKS or WATCHES
43rd  Anniversary: ENTERTAINMENT (theme)