MAKIKO WAKITA fine jewelry Los Angeles offers collection of fine jewelry mini-series made to remind you of a feeling you never want to forget.
Simple yet unique, delicate yet bold. Each piece is designed that would allow you to travel through time: taking inspirations from the past, something that captures the present, then works in the distant future....
A jewelry that allows you to travel through time.A piece that would 'locks-in' your memory, then brings it back every time you catch it with your eyes. Time travel made possible through your jewelry.
All of MWFJ jewelry is designed and made entirely in Los Angeles, using only conflict-free, ethically obtained natural gemstones. 
MWFJ also offers custom works for reimagining & transforming old family engagement rings into something that is made to fit your style.
We would love to hear your story: past, present and the future ones! 
Please feel free to write us for complimentary a consultation and for custom alterations.


Born in Ashiya-city, Hyogo Japan, moved to Los Angeles at age 7. 
Trained by the industry veterans for hand carving 'lost-wax' techniques in NY, metalsmithing in Copenhagen, & CAD (computer) digital sculpting in LA, Makiko combines the ancient and the new techniques hoping to bring a good balance of modern-nostalgia to the jewelry pieces.